Motorcycle Adventures Uganda

Motorcycle Adventures are some of the best options to consider for your Uganda self guided tours. Though self drive car hire seems to be more popular than motorcycle self guided tours; motorcycle adventures Uganda is committed to make it possible for you to experience the best of Uganda self guided motorcycle adventures.

Reasons Why you should consider Self drive Motorcycle Adventures In Uganda

Whenever you are considering self guided tours in Uganda, there are a number of options on your disposal; self drive car hire, mountain biking (though it requires to have a car at one point too), and motorcycle self guided tours. 

Motorcycles Are Economical 

Bikes in Uganda motorcycle adventures have engines that range between 125cc and 450cc; regardless of the kind of bike you have considered and chosen for your motorcycle adventures in Uganda, the engine fuel consumption capacity remains economical. 

For instance, the smallest car allowed to do a game drive in any Uganda’s national park is a 3 door Rav4 whose engine is 2000cc while a 5 door Rav4 is 2400cc. When you compare all these engines, they are more than 5 times bigger than the common self guided motorcycle tour of 250cc. 

Helmet Camera- Best Adventure Videography

One of the most beautiful experiences in the motorcycle adventure is having a helmet camera recording your motorcycle trip. Wherever you turn, your helmet camera will be recording. With a motorcycle adventure, you have an opportunity to get camera footage that you can never have while driving any of the self drive cars.

Best For Solo Travel

One of the upcoming and most popular niches in tourism are solo travel. You can try out the following guide on solo travel in Uganda. When you are travelling solo, you can carry all your luggage on your bike without any hindrances. Unlike small motorcycles, motorcycle adventures Uganda are the best companions for your solo travel; all our bikes are allowed to enter all national parks in Uganda.

This is far better than hiring 3door or 5door Rav4 which the car hire companies might not permit to go to rough national parks such as Kidepo valley national park. 

Choose your own dates

Motorcycle adventures often operate on scheduled dates where you ought to travel in a group with other riders on dates scheduled by the tour operators. This is never the case with motorcycle adventures in Uganda; you are free to choose your dates whenever you wish to and the bike will be available for you to set out for your adventure.

Choose your own route

Most of the motorcycle adventures in Uganda and the rest of Africa are often operated and done on routes chosen by the tour operator. This often limits your chances of exploring the country without any limitation. At motorcycle adventures Uganda, you are given all the necessary details regarding the routes you can take and simply choose among the several options at your disposal.

Ride at your own pace

Every tour that runs on a fixed itinerary comes with a number of challenges; one of these is making sure that you make it to a particular destination in a given day. Unless you are gorilla trekking or chimpanzee tracking in Uganda; when you hire a motorcycle from motorcycle adventures Uganda, you can tailor make your itinerary and ride at your own pace.

Save on Guide Expenses 

When you hire a motorcycle for a self-guided adventure in Uganda, you save more on guiding expenses. This might save you between US$50 per day. Hiring a tour guide does not mean you will not hire a ranger when you get into the national park, thus a tour guide can be forsaken more so if you are visiting destinations such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Jinja Nile rafting, Kibale forest national park among several other destinations whose entrance fees cover tour guides. 

Get all the tour operator Advice by simply Hiring a Bike from Him

Tour operators often charge for their service by quoting you a package covering all their fees. The good news is, this is not the case when it comes to hiring a motorcycle for your self guide motorcycle adventure; you instead get all the technical advise by hiring a motorcycle from them. 

Motorcycle adventures Uganda can help you with airport transfers, accommodation recommendations, and any other advise you might need on your trip. However this does not mean they will give all the details to bits but whatever they will offer you, will be enough to plan your trip.

Stop Whenever You Feel Like

The beauty with a self guided motorcycle adventure is; you stop for snacks, souvenirs, photos and any other reason without any hindrance. Stopping whenever you feel like also means you can have lunch at any other your desired restaurants but simply looking the trip advisor reviews.

Choose Out of a Range of Motorcycles

There are different types of motorcycles available for self guided tour hires in Uganda. Whenever you find that one company cannot offer you the kind of motorcycle you feel like, you can opt for another company that offers the exact kind of motorcycle that you feel like riding for your Uganda motorcycle adventures