Uganda Self Drive Car Hire

Offroad Bikes Uganda offers you an opportunity to discover Uganda and the rest of East Africa through self-drive car hires for self-guided adventures in East Africa. Below are some of the self-drive car hire packages you can consider for the best of your East African Adventures. Contact us today for the best self-drive packages in East Africa

Self-drive car rentals in Uganda range between US$40 per day and US$250 per day. The variances are brought about by the type of car you are hiring, the number of days, and whether you are considering a self-drive hire or you are to hire the car with a driver. All the packages below cover; Comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, driving time road assistance. Excluded are; Fuel, driver, border crossing insurance and parking tickets

Land Cruiser TX/TZ (Prado)Hire a Land cruiser TX/TZ from US$70 Per day

A Land cruiser TX/TZ with a sunroof is recommended for self-drive game drives in any of Uganda's national parks. It can take up to four people for self-drive and three people for car hire with a driver. You can also hire it with camping gear of your choice

from $70 Per Day
Land Cruiser 70 SeriesLand cruiser HardTop with Driver

The Land cruiser Hardtop is more spacious than the Land cruiser TX/TZ. It can take up six people in a self-drive and up to five people for car hire with a driver. It is highly recommended for Tanzania Safaris.It is actually the strongest of all safari vehicles

from $180 Per Day
Land Cruiser TZ With Rooftop TentRecommended For 2pax Camping Safari in Uganda

The Land cruiser TX/TZ with a rooftop tent is highly recommended for 2pax camping East African safari. The rooftop tent can take up to 3 people however we recommend it for two people so that you can have enough space for luggage in the trunk

from From $95 Per day
Five-Door Toyota Rav4Budget Self Drive Car Hire

A 5 door Rav4 is one of the small SUVs available for self-drive hires in Uganda. It is fuel-friendly, strong with a full-time four-wheel drive. Though it is not recommended for Kidepo National park and most of the Tanzanian parks, you can consider it too for other off roads

from $50 Per Day
Land Cruiser V8Comfortable, Strong and Reliable

You are likely to find some negative reviews regarding self-drive car hire in Uganda but it is very uncommon that such a review will be about a Land cruiser V8 model 2007. The only complaint that you will hear about the Land Cruiser V8 is it Fuel consumption

from $95 Per Day
Land Cruiser TX/TZ 2 Toptents2 Rooftop tents Hire with Camping gear

Experience the best of East African Jungle and wilderness adventures with a Land cruiser TX/TZ with two rooftop tents. It can take up to four people. However, it will leave you with only a limited space for luggage. The rooftop tents are comfortable for all seasons

from $110 Per Day

Land Cruiser GX With Rooftop tentLand Cruiser Gx Stick gear with Camping gear

The Land cruiser Gx is one of the best safari cars to for your East African Adventure. It might not be as fast as other safari cars we are offering but it is equally reliable. Anyone that desires a stick gear would obviously go for a GX. It has more trunk space than a Land cruiser TX/TZ

from $110 Per Day

Rav4 With Camping GearHire a 5door Rav4 with Camping gear for 2

A door Rav4 recommends for both solo travelers and couples. You can get a huge discount in case you hire for more than 14 days. However, we only offer ground camping; we do not have Rav4s with rooftop tents. You can also hire one that has a sunroof for photography during your safari

from $55 Per Day

Land Cruiser ExtendedLand Cruiser 7 Seater With a Fridge

The Land cruiser Extended is a modified version of the Land cruiser 70 series. It has a seating capacity of 8 people including the driver. It is one of the most comfortable and most reliable safari vehicles in East Africa. It has a safari roof for game viewing, airconditioned with a fridge to keep your drinks cold.

from $250 Per Day

How To Hire A Car In Uganda

There are mainly seven steps that you might have to take to hire a car in Uganda.

    • Start with a google search using the following keyword phrases; “Suv hires in Uganda”, “4x4uganda hires”, “self-drive rentals in Uganda”, “Car rental in Uganda”, “Safari car hire in Uganda” among other key phrases.
    • Make a list of at least 10 service providers having the type of car you need for your Uganda self-drive adventures.
    • Send inquires to all the ten listed service providers
    • Compare the quotes, rental policy, refund policy, and other terms and conditions
    • Never go for the least price, you might regret in the long run, choose the service provider offering the average price with the best terms and conditions
    • Send a deposit to confirm your reservation in case it required
    • Send a reminder mail at least 5 days to your hire date reconfirming the dates of hire, pick up location, and time.

Terms and Conditions To Look Out For In Uganda Self drive Car Hire

  • Fuel policies
  • Pick up and dropoff rates/ charges
  • Insurance policies
  • Driving timelines
  • Mileage
  • Refund policies
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Reservation Policy

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