Self Guided Tours Uganda

Best Time For A Self Guided Tour In Uganda

Self-guided tours are the best way to go for anyone considering a budget flexible Uganda safari. As motorcycle adventures Uganda; we are committed to offering you the best motorcycles for hire in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Below are the most recommended timelines for your self guided adventures in Uganda and beyond.

Best Time for a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

We recommend the following months; June and September. They mark the beginning and the end of the tourism peak seasons in Uganda yet having fairly good weather conditions. They are not as congested as July and August.

Best Weather for a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

The months of June, July, the end of December, January to February have very little rainfall. Please note, it is very rare to go past two weeks in Uganda without any rain. Therefore whichever month you consider for your safari, beware that it might rain at one time.

Busiest Months for a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

The months of June, July, August, December, January, and February are some of the busiest months. However July and August supersede all the other months identified. Therefore; if you are the kind that hates crowded areas, we recommend June and February or the start of December.

Hardest Months To Reserve a Gorilla Permit for a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

The months of July and August would require you to book your gorilla permit at least three months prior. Then the last ten days of December and the first ten days of January are also very busy thus would require at least three months prior to booking. You might have to take chances on resale permits.

A resale permit is any gorilla or chimpanzee permit that a tour operator offers to other tour operators due to either a cancelation by their clients or failure to reschedule it to a future date after hitting the reschedule cap. In such a situation, other tour operators who have clients willing to travel on those dates buy these permits from their fellow tour operators.

Low Seasons for a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

The months of March, April, May, October, and November are the low season months for the Uganda safari. However, amidst all these months; the least is April (the whole month), Early May, late October, and the whole month of November.

Even though these months might not be too busy, the weather conditions might not be favorable in some areas thus leaving some lodges and camps due to poor roads and forest trails.

The month with Worst Weatherbfor a self-guided Motorcycle Adventure in Uganda

The worst months for a self-guided tour in Uganda would be April because it has a lot of rain. Though months of March and May might also be rainy, there are often changes in weather patterns in these two months a year in year out.
Please note, with a good safari vehicle such as a Land Cruiser V8 or a Land cruiser 76 and 79 series the weather conditions would not be a very big issue unless bridges flood. You can also look into our self guided car hire packages.

We offer large discounts for long term car hires and motorcycle hires. Contact us today to make your reservation more so for the months of July and August to avoid last hour disappointments.

You can also reach out to motorcycle adventures Uganda today for all your self guided tours travel advice not only in Uganda but as far as Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. We offer advice on accommodation and transport means. Contact us today.